Planned and Routine Maintenance

Many customers use Delta Glazing to ensure that their windows and doors are properly and regularly maintained. They benefit from timely replacement of worn locks or hinges and the testing of all moving parts to ensure no more windows stuck closed in the middle of a heatwave!

Scheduled maintenance is not expensive and ensures that the building maintains its integrity and looks. Our maintenance teams specialise in draught-proofing, maintenance and repair works from replacing a single door closer to servicing hundreds of windows on a multi-storey building.

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Delta Glazing also offer maintenance programs to cover the external building for glass curtain walling, glass facades and walls as in our experience this can be a cost effective way to maintain a leak free building.

Curtain Walls are “non-load bearing wall structures” and can be made up of from materials such as glass, louvres, lightweight composite panels or a combinations of these materials.

A “Tilt and Turn” function allows the window to be ‘tilted’ inwards for easy access as well as opened inward in the normal way.
The window can be operated with only one handle for all locking, opening and tilting actions. The inward opening also gives you safe access to the window for cleaning or ventilation.

Delta Glazing provide a fast, friendly and quick service for your uPVC repair and maintenance needs.
In addition to repairing the fault in many cases we can advise why the problem has occurred in the first place, and make your door lock or window or sliding door more durable than before, thereby saving you money.

Delta’s service includes:

  • sourcing and replacing special fittingsDelta Glazing
  • draught sealing and any gearing
  • replacement of weatherseals, gaskets and re-glazing
  • sealing leaks
  • high level glazing
  • shop fronts

Our customer testimonials will reassure you regarding our speedy service and reliability.

Local Police have used Delta Glazing since 1992 – over 20 years – so you can trust us.


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