Birchwood Park, Warrington

High level glass repair Birchwood

High level glass repair via a 60 metre access boom

This glass repair of a broken roof panel was a tricky one to complete on this site. The issues:
  • glass repair at high level
  • limited access to the roof
  • weight considerations on the roof
  • repair was 10m away from the edge of the building
After careful consideration and weighing up and costing all the available options with the client, we recommended that we hire a 60 metre access boom. The benefits of the access boom were that not only could we get the height required, but we could also reach the 10 meters across the roof to access the broken panel – with out having to stand on the roof. As with all well-planned projects, the installation went without incident and was proven to be the mos cost effective and safe solution for the problem.

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