High Level Glazing

Delta Glazing are experienced in the repair and maintenance of Glass Curtain Walling projects.

We are able to offer our specialist advice to inspect, repair and implement programs to suit your budget.

Common problems with Glass Curtain Walling:

  • Defective or damaged glass panels / units leading to leaks
  • Defective frames
  • Dislodged gaskets, rubber seals and external aluminium facia caps
  • Loose or missing capping
  • Water ingress - Leaks

Delta Glazing also offer maintenance programs to cover the external building as well as the above services for glass curtain walling, glass facades and walls as in our experience this can be a cost effective way to maintain a leak free building.

If you need glass curtain walling repairing or replacing, call Delta Glazing on 01925-416-999.

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